Zom 3

hello everyone,
for those of you not aware, in addition to loving bicycles I love comics, and in addition to trying to make bicycles, I also try to make comics. :-)  Comic Coma Publishing is a small company a friend and I started awhile back to print comics we and others make, and issue #3 of our comic 'Zom' was just released!  It can be obtained for only $1.00 digitally at graphic.ly, or you can shell out a meager $2.50 and get a hard copy sent to your door from Indy Planet.  Also check out our anthology project. No art from me in there, but very cool.  follow our every move on facebook too!

Also The Portland Webcomics Group, which is gaining more and more steam recently released an anthology (click the link) in which an 8 page story can be found, all drawn up special for ya by yours truly.  In any case, check out some of the great stuff people have been up to.

More bike portraits on the way, I promise!

Ride safe, read safe,


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