Bike Profile Number 3

After the tragic loss of our first two bikes, I found yet another Schwinn for cheap that would do for Sam while I was in Japan where I planned on buying a bicycle anyway.

Bike Number 3
Make and model: Schwinn Collegiate
Year: early 1970's
Color: Yellow
Handlebars: cruiser
Gears: 7 speed
Purchased: 2010
Where: The Recyclery (now 'Bike Lab' under a different owner)
I paid: 80$ plus 10$ for parts
Original Condition: missing pedals and needing tuning
Major modifications: I added a rack and later a milk crate, also dropped the handlebars down for a more horizontal ride.  Maybe the coolest thing we added to this bike is the saddle, and it has a sad story to go with it.  In late July of 2010 Sam and I found a rad lady at Last Thursday on Alberta St who would reupholster any bike seat with your choice of scrap leather/material for 20$!  We picked out some maroon and bright green to match Sam's green bike (see bike profile number 1) We were to pick the saddle up from her shop on Monday.  Sunday morning, our bikes we stolen, and Monday all we had was a sad (albeit super cool) bike seat to remind us of our loss.  Fortunately the saddle has found a new home on the Collegiate and is not only classy but very comfy!
Status: locked behind our house, happy and ridden almost every day

Enjoy whatever weather you're in this week!
ride safe,



Previously on Zom

ok folks, while digging through some old folders I came across some of the really old work I did for ZOM back in 2004, and more for my entertainment than anything else I thought I'd start posting a few pieces.
I hope you enjoy!  And as always you can buy copies of Zom by clicking on the 'Print on Demand' tab of our website www.comiccoma.com
(zomcomics.com no longer exists :-)



To Protest The War

Sam and I spent an awesome day biking in the sun last Saturday.  At Pioneer Place we ran into an anti-war rally commemorating our 8 year anniversary of declaring war on Iraq.  I've heard this is the longest running war America has ever been involved in, which is pretty astounding really.
We walked our bikes a block or two in the march and then split off to the farmers market, but not before I snapped a photo of this recumbent's sign.
Spread peace on 2 wheels my friends,


An Artist A Day

Hello everyone!
Just a heads up, I was selected to participate in "an artist a day" next month at Muse Art and Design.  It's a very cool program they started a few years ago as a combination fundraiser art show.  Every day of the month of April a different artist will spend 5 hours at Muse Art and Design creating a piece of work that will be bid on and auctioned off at a reception on May 12th.  The money raised helps provide art supplies at wholesale price for teachers!
This will be my first time participating and it looks like fun!
Drop by April 28th (Thursday) to see me work, heckle, or give me really good ideas.

Sam and I rode our bikes all day today and it felt amazing.

Ride safe and ride often!



Bike Profile Number Two

It turns out the first 2 bikes I've owned were both early 1970's Schwinn Varsities.  That model holds a special place in my heart.

 Bike Number Two:
Make and model: Schwinn Varsity
Year: early 1970's
Color: Blue
Handlebars: Drop bars
Gears: 10 speed
Purchased: 2009
Where: The back room of Rowley Press, Provo Utah
I paid: 1 metrolius hangboard
Original Condition: In need of love, but in good shape
Major modifications: converted to a fixed gear soon after I traded for it.  I removed the friction light generator and added a rack as well.
Status: Stolen August 2010
 This was my all purpose bike that got me to work at the bookstore and to class and also survived the move to Portland to keep me mobile throughout last summer.  This is probably the bike I loved riding the most and the one I put the most time into making it my own.  After the Rainbow Road Bike Ride the prayer flags I adorned it with stayed until it's final days with me.


Bike Profile Number one

Maybe I've been feeling nostalgic or something, but I've decided to post profiles of the bicycles I've owned.  I figure it will be fun for me to look back and see what has been moving me around over the years!

My first bicycle as an adult:
 (Sam and Barty)
Make and model: Schwinn Varsity
Year: 1973
Color: Green
Handlebars: Drop bars
Gears: 10 speed
Purchased: 2008
Where: Community Cycling Center, Portland OR
I paid: 65 dollars
Original Condition: All parts working, but in need of an overhaul
Major modifications: converted to a single speed when I realized Sam never shifted gears while riding it. :-)
Status: Stolen August 2010
(undergoing a total cleaning and overhaul)

This is the bicycle that inspired green bike love.  It was my first bicycle I owned in college and the first bicycle that replaced my car as my sole means of transportation.  After acquiring my second bike, this one was given to Sam and she named it Barty.  We were both pretty devastated when he was stolen.

I love these old schwinns.

Thanks all!
I'm sorry about the scanty posts, I'm getting married soon, so things have been crazy.

Ride safe,



Late Night Matsumoto

A small piece of fan art from Taiyo Matsumoto's Tekkon Kinkreet
Watch it if you want amazing things to happen before your eyes.
Goodnight and draw responsibly.