Bike Profile Number 3

After the tragic loss of our first two bikes, I found yet another Schwinn for cheap that would do for Sam while I was in Japan where I planned on buying a bicycle anyway.

Bike Number 3
Make and model: Schwinn Collegiate
Year: early 1970's
Color: Yellow
Handlebars: cruiser
Gears: 7 speed
Purchased: 2010
Where: The Recyclery (now 'Bike Lab' under a different owner)
I paid: 80$ plus 10$ for parts
Original Condition: missing pedals and needing tuning
Major modifications: I added a rack and later a milk crate, also dropped the handlebars down for a more horizontal ride.  Maybe the coolest thing we added to this bike is the saddle, and it has a sad story to go with it.  In late July of 2010 Sam and I found a rad lady at Last Thursday on Alberta St who would reupholster any bike seat with your choice of scrap leather/material for 20$!  We picked out some maroon and bright green to match Sam's green bike (see bike profile number 1) We were to pick the saddle up from her shop on Monday.  Sunday morning, our bikes we stolen, and Monday all we had was a sad (albeit super cool) bike seat to remind us of our loss.  Fortunately the saddle has found a new home on the Collegiate and is not only classy but very comfy!
Status: locked behind our house, happy and ridden almost every day

Enjoy whatever weather you're in this week!
ride safe,



  1. Do I spy a palmy lock? I have that exact color on my palmy!

  2. I love my palmy! Seriously if I ever own a business I'm going to see if I can sell these things. The size and weight (and price, mine was 1575) blow me away.
    One of my only regrets was that I didn't bring home a half dozen of them to give as omiyage!