Tim Burton!

We were fortunate to see the very cool and sorta creepy Tim Burton show at the LACMA on saturday.  Lots of his work including pieces from highschool, art school, independent films and of course his famous stuff.  It made me want to be brilliant.  And maybe spookier.  maybe. :-)
also in little tokyo I found my comfort food while in japan!  Think ice cream cone sandwich that never melts.
moving to Provo next week,
stay cool and ride safe,



15 Minute Comic

I've really enjoyed jamming with the Portland Webcomics Group every other wednesday this year, and a couple weeks ago a few of our insane members were preparing for the 24 Hour Zine Challenge at the IPRC.  They proposed we all make a 15 minute comic, concept, penilcs, ink, etc  so here's mine!  It was a lot of fun to work this fast and to draw what first came to mind.
And this is a knight.



Sam Watches Doctor Who

A couple sketches from the new sketchbook.  Sam's been hooked recently. :-)