Bike Week

This has perhaps been our bikey-est week ever! Check it out: 
about 8 hours of biking and almost 90 miles! And it's not over yet! maybe we can break 100 by Sunday! 
More soon on the crazy 'lit and loud' pedalpalooza ride last night.  tons of people and lots of tall bikes and bike sound systems all in one place.

Ride safe,


Sauvie Island Camping

Some pics from our camping trip this week.  Sauvie Island is so close to Portland and yet so beautiful and rural.  A wonderful mix of farms, country side and water.  About 20 miles there and another 20 back the next day.  With the exception of the mosquitos, and destroyed cook pot, everything went off without a hitch.
And remember, you don't need nice equipment, a fancy touring bike, or front racks to enjoy a weekend of camping on two wheels! we fit everything in one pannier, one bike bucket and a 35 Liter pack, not bad.

 Ride safe and camp too!



Park Tool Bike Stand, a Castle, a Bike 'Chair' and strawberries!

One of the greatest gifts I received for my recent wedding was a Park Tool  bike repair stand.  Here's a few pics of my first time using it.  It's so much nicer than propping the bike up on it's handlebars and it folds up easily as well! (and looks mighty spiffy if I do say so myself)

 The set for Mock's Crest opera this year: Yeoman of the guard.

 And a bike chair. :-) perfect for sitting on while fixing the bike!

My strawberries are turning red!

Ride safe,


Pedalpalooza 2011

Check out this amazing calendar of events for Portland's Pedalpalooza all this month!
It's crazy.
Also this great article on how to plan your own bike rides effectively! (thanks bikeprovo)

Ride lots and ride safe!


ps: for those of you into comics, the portland webcomic group anthology is being put together as we speak! (whatever) and also Zom Issue 3 is being lettered and will soon be off to the printers, so lots of cool published stuff coming your way soon! Watch out!