Bike Parking

Now that the collective has a real location this is a nostalgic piece of the past that I just found.

Ride safe,



train travel for two

Here's another recent piece.  It was done for BYU's Stowaway Magazine, a bi-semesterly publication of the English Department.  I'll let you know when it shows up in print next year sometime.

this was really fun.  I experimented mixing watercolors and acrylic paint.


ps: the contrast is a bit wonky.  I'll maybe replace it when I have time to adjust it.


Tokyo Girl

Awhile back I promised a more finished piece from this Tokyo project I've been working on, and being a man of my word, here it is.  I've been experimenting with some other approaches to this as well which may or may not show up in the future.



Richard Numero Tres

Here's a sketch and finished piece for Shakespeare's Richard III.  It's a pretty creepy play.  Mostly it's just Richard who's creepy though.  Really cool.



Sweet Sweet Success

The Grand Opening was great. We missed you.
Here's a few pics and a reminder that we're open thursday from 1-7 Friday from 10-5 and Saturday from 10-3, so drop on by! Lots of great used bikes for sale at great prices!

ride safe,



Provo Bicycle Collective Grand Opening

Hopefully you've already heard of this.  If not, I hope your friday evening is free, cause there's gonna be an epic raffle that you'll regret missing for years to come.
Also I did the poster.

See you all there.
Ride safe,