Orange Peugeot

Another bike portrait.  Etsy shop coming soon with 10$ prints you all can buy!
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A little bit of FFUFR goodness

A few river crossing clips from August's Fun Fun Underground Forest Race.  Everyone should really come out to these.  Super chill, way fun and always entertaining.  I'm not in any of the clips for 2 reasons. One, I was holding the camera, Two, I was last place by far. :-)  Check facebook for the next FFUFR!

Untitled from Spencer Hawkes on Vimeo.

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Provelo Picnic

Come on down everyone!  It's gonna be tons of fun and you know it.  Invite friends and family! Bring food! Play games!  And best of all, if you miss this one, it won't be the last!

ride safe, and use lights at night! (I think I've seen more people in Provo without lights in the past week than I did my entire 2.5 years in Portland.  Come on!!!)



Zom 3

hello everyone,
for those of you not aware, in addition to loving bicycles I love comics, and in addition to trying to make bicycles, I also try to make comics. :-)  Comic Coma Publishing is a small company a friend and I started awhile back to print comics we and others make, and issue #3 of our comic 'Zom' was just released!  It can be obtained for only $1.00 digitally at graphic.ly, or you can shell out a meager $2.50 and get a hard copy sent to your door from Indy Planet.  Also check out our anthology project. No art from me in there, but very cool.  follow our every move on facebook too!

Also The Portland Webcomics Group, which is gaining more and more steam recently released an anthology (click the link) in which an 8 page story can be found, all drawn up special for ya by yours truly.  In any case, check out some of the great stuff people have been up to.

More bike portraits on the way, I promise!

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Taking Bike Portrait Orders!

SO!  I'm starting a fun project that hopefully you'll like.  I'm doing personalized portraits of bicycles, and you can join in as well!  I'm hoping to sell prints of these, but also offer the originals to those who want a sweet 5x7 of their very own favorite bicycle.  Right now I'm looking for photos of your bikes so I can draw and paint them!  If you want to purchase one, let me know.  If you don't want to purchase anything but still want to see a cool painting of your bike, send the pics anyway and I may just use it!  I'll be getting more organized soon I promise.  Send pics and requests to Gilgalad8002@Gmail.com.
My Varsity that was stolen last summer. :-(

Leland's oh so rad flying pigeon!

Ride safe friends!



Provo Polo Sketch 1

A quick one from last weeks Polo.

I find myself itching for more Polo every day.  Come play with us if you're in the area.  Info here

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It can be done by bike.

I've always been interested in photographs and stories of people transporting unlikely loads on their bicycles.  And because I'm sometimes blindly optimistic, I often find myself pulling all sorts of stunts when moving stuff on my bike.  My most recent example:

To be fair, I didn't ride the entire trip.  Construction and nasty traffic got the better of me.  An adventure none the less.
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A couple amusing doodles on my itouch.  (It comes in handy in emergency situations... )

Maybe a bit macabre due to the recent Tim Burton exhibit. :-)



Pay to Ride?

Here's a neat article I just read, check it out: road rights
I think licensing/registering anything has to do with how dangerous it is.  You need licenses for cars, motorcycles, trucks, guns, etc.  All things that could prove dangerous in the wrong hands, whereas bikes, the right to walk, etc pretty much don't hurt anyone else.  Of course riding a bike can by dangerous to the cyclist, but rarely to anyone else.
My favorite registration for bikes is on BYU campus, where your bike must be registered with the police. It's a 1$ fee.  If your bike is ever impounded and it is NOT licensed, then you will be fined 1$ and your bike will be registered. :-)

Ride safe.