Digital Wounds

Today while flatting comics in the BYU cintiq lab...

and for those of you who hold a more quick witted and dextrous image of me, here's proof to the contrary.

be careful all you artists out there.



1001 Heads

I don't recall if I've mentioned this, but a friend of mine challenged us all to draw 1001 heads with her and post them on a tumblr.  Here's a few I did today. (I'm only on 130 or so) Check out the many drawings we're all doing at 1001heads.tumblr.com



Faerie Queen Tests

Hello fine people of the internet!
I've been working on an 8 page sequel to the Faerie Queen piece I did in the Pale Donkey Presents anthology last year in Portland.  I'm testing out some new processes and materials.  Here's a couple test panels I thought I'd share.

I hope you're enjoying spring (nearly summer!)


ps: I've just decided I ought to post that first Faerie Queen segment online, so keep your eyes peeled.