Bike It Forward With Schwinn!

An awesome month of bike giveaways from Schwinn!  Check it out and give a free bike to a friend!

Ride safe,



The Real Reason Why

(an octopus friend on the bike of a fellow rider at Nuts!Fes 2010, Nagoya Japan)

Wonderful article here.  Posted by a friend.  This is so critical.  Get your friends out on their bikes! Even for one day!  I can't count the amount of times I've heard comments to the affect of:
"wow! I never knew i could bike this far!"
"The grocery store is way closer than I ever thought!"
"I can't believe I've never seen this part of town!"

Get a friend to ride with you this week!

Stay tuned for more on our recent wedding bike adventure!



If You Ever Wondered What the Inside of a Grilled Cheese Bus Looks Like

Grilled Cheese Grill
I sold my sketch of the kitchen cart this week too!

Also if you haven't, check out my comic at www.comiccoma.com
More info on my appearance in the upcoming Anthology book from Portland Webcomics Group,

cheers and ride safe,



Faerie Queen

In case you thought I'd given up the pencil and taken up skydiving professionally here's proof I'm still at it.
A penciled page from my upcoming "faerie queen" which will appear in the Portland Webcomic Anthology in June.  Check it out, and if you want a copy and don't live in Portland, let me know so I can order one for you or send you a link to order it.
enjoy spring this week!



Women's Bike Polo

A few great videos recently.

LA3 - Semifinal Game from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

C.L.A.P. Vs Cunning Stunts - Ladies Army III from Blue Collar Distro on Vimeo.

I've been itching to play polo again!



Picture Profiles and an Apology

We'll start with the apology:  Sorry for not posting recently.
Now that that's over with, here's pasta for 100 people, more pesto than you can shake a stick at (homemade! That's 45$ worth of basil)  a lemonade lover's refrigerator and the smart girl I married.  More bikes soon, as well as art.

be safe and have fun!



Adventure Day

Today's Quest:
bike to park, mail letters, drop off books, buy food, drop off food, pick up art, bike towards SE, find bike rack on the side of the road, take bike rack, find wallet road, resist the temptation to take 75$ from wallet, buy new bike wheel and 2 tubes, drop off painting at muse, buy cheese, eat awesome lunch, bike to st Johns, return wallet, befriend cat, fondue birthday party, improv show, walk home.
 Also from BYU's Jared Greenleaf,  Lift Japan Tee Shirt!

 Thanks to Kinoko for this very cool blog post about yours truly, and some pics of my piece for Muse's An Artist A Day!  Come to the gallery show/auction, free on May 12th (a thursday) 6-8pm for snacks (I think) good art and cool people!  It's at 850 NE 81st Avenue at Milepost 5
Be there!
Sam and I rode 22 miles today!
Here's our bragging map to prove it.
Ride lots this week!