Adventure Day

Today's Quest:
bike to park, mail letters, drop off books, buy food, drop off food, pick up art, bike towards SE, find bike rack on the side of the road, take bike rack, find wallet road, resist the temptation to take 75$ from wallet, buy new bike wheel and 2 tubes, drop off painting at muse, buy cheese, eat awesome lunch, bike to st Johns, return wallet, befriend cat, fondue birthday party, improv show, walk home.
 Also from BYU's Jared Greenleaf,  Lift Japan Tee Shirt!

 Thanks to Kinoko for this very cool blog post about yours truly, and some pics of my piece for Muse's An Artist A Day!  Come to the gallery show/auction, free on May 12th (a thursday) 6-8pm for snacks (I think) good art and cool people!  It's at 850 NE 81st Avenue at Milepost 5
Be there!
Sam and I rode 22 miles today!
Here's our bragging map to prove it.
Ride lots this week!



  1. Where is this? I want to go! How are you?

  2. Good old Portland Oregon! I've been wonderful, been drawing lots, painting, I got married, lived in Japan for awhile, and I'm moving back to Utah in a few months to finish school! You?

  3. awesome post more paintings please :)

  4. Thanks! I just happen to have a few paintings on the way, so stay tuned!