experimenting with pen and acrylic

Here's a portrait I played with for a few hours today.


those dang talented italians

While drooling over Sergio Toppi's work this afternoon, and thinking about how far behind Melissa I am in the 1001 head drawing challenge, I put pen to paper and did a few mastercopies of a true master.  Guys like Toppi, Battaglia and Pratt just blow me away. (and make me feel inept)  If you're not familiar with their work, click on their names and voila! I've saved you the few seconds it would take to enter their names into google image search!
you're welcome.



1001 Heads

My friend Melissa was double dogged dared to draw 1000 heads.  Unable to settle for such a low number, she decided to draw 1001! And then challenged the rest of us to race her.  We unwittingly rose to said challenge.
You can watch me get schooled here: www.1001heads.tumbr.com

Also, tomorrow is the Rainbow Road Ride!  I hope you can make it, as it will be more fun than pretty much whatever else you could be doing tomorrow.



twice the heads

a few sketches from last's night's comic jam.  I'm working on a two headed giant for my next comic project.



Provo Bicycle Collective

Hey everyone! Now that the sun is shinning and the birds are singing etcetera, don't forget to stop driving your car so much!  come on by the Provo Bicycle Collective so we can show you how to tune up your bike and get riding again!

(great Poster made by Mikey Muirhead)

ride safe,



Squid Head

A quick sketch from a few weeks ago.
I'm brainstorming an idea for a Hobbit project.  I'll be posting updates soon!



Sam and I have been playing Chrono Trigger this week.  Lucca is probably our favorite, with Frog close behind.

For a much better piece of Chrono Trigger fan art check out Anthony's Blog

if you haven't played the game, it's great!  (and with SNES emulators around there's no real excuse!)



Rainbow Road Ride 2012

A few years ago we made a tradition of biking to the Holi Festival of colors in Spanish Fork at the wonderful Krishna Temple.  cruising past thousands of cars in traffic for miles and miles will make any cyclist happy.  I hope you can join us!
RSVP here, or just show up!

Ride safe,


New Studio

We're finally clearing out the bikes and reclaiming the studio.  This is progress.

and an experimental piece.  I'm fooling around with some new processes.