Taking Bike Portrait Orders!

SO!  I'm starting a fun project that hopefully you'll like.  I'm doing personalized portraits of bicycles, and you can join in as well!  I'm hoping to sell prints of these, but also offer the originals to those who want a sweet 5x7 of their very own favorite bicycle.  Right now I'm looking for photos of your bikes so I can draw and paint them!  If you want to purchase one, let me know.  If you don't want to purchase anything but still want to see a cool painting of your bike, send the pics anyway and I may just use it!  I'll be getting more organized soon I promise.  Send pics and requests to Gilgalad8002@Gmail.com.
My Varsity that was stolen last summer. :-(

Leland's oh so rad flying pigeon!

Ride safe friends!



  1. These are excellent! I really like the colour and flags on no.12.

    Well Done!

  2. Thanks! I'll be posting more soon!