Pay to Ride?

Here's a neat article I just read, check it out: road rights
I think licensing/registering anything has to do with how dangerous it is.  You need licenses for cars, motorcycles, trucks, guns, etc.  All things that could prove dangerous in the wrong hands, whereas bikes, the right to walk, etc pretty much don't hurt anyone else.  Of course riding a bike can by dangerous to the cyclist, but rarely to anyone else.
My favorite registration for bikes is on BYU campus, where your bike must be registered with the police. It's a 1$ fee.  If your bike is ever impounded and it is NOT licensed, then you will be fined 1$ and your bike will be registered. :-)

Ride safe.


  1. Mark Tanguay8/5/11, 1:45 AM

    Is that so they can take down the serial number so that if it is stolen and recovered they know who the owner is. If so, that is brilliant.

  2. Yup! That's what the registration in provo is for, and I'm totally in support of a voluntary registration such as that. Unfortunately I don't think it works very well for a couple reasons. Police can't see the serial number, even when pulling over a cyclist. It's usually tiny and often on the bottom of the bottom bracket, so if someone steals your bike and then gets in trouble, the serial number will only show up if the bike is actually confiscated.
    I suppose the freedom of not needing a license and registration also means your bike is less likely to be recovered than a car if stolen.