It can be done by bike.

I've always been interested in photographs and stories of people transporting unlikely loads on their bicycles.  And because I'm sometimes blindly optimistic, I often find myself pulling all sorts of stunts when moving stuff on my bike.  My most recent example:

To be fair, I didn't ride the entire trip.  Construction and nasty traffic got the better of me.  An adventure none the less.
ride safe,



  1. you really should get one of those German bikes with the large child seating area/cargo box in front. Except, then I'm afraid you'd attempt transporting even more precarious stacks of furniture. Good luck with the rest of it.

  2. Yes indeed. I've had my eye on a Madsen bike, out of SLC for awhile. :-)

  3. Where'd you score that trailer? Home-made?

  4. my friend leland's actually. He stripped an old Burley and put a wooden platform on it. It's been super useful moving furniture and the like this week. Makes me want to build one too.