Park Tool Bike Stand, a Castle, a Bike 'Chair' and strawberries!

One of the greatest gifts I received for my recent wedding was a Park Tool  bike repair stand.  Here's a few pics of my first time using it.  It's so much nicer than propping the bike up on it's handlebars and it folds up easily as well! (and looks mighty spiffy if I do say so myself)

 The set for Mock's Crest opera this year: Yeoman of the guard.

 And a bike chair. :-) perfect for sitting on while fixing the bike!

My strawberries are turning red!

Ride safe,


  1. Gah! Do you love that stand? I've been coveting one for the longest time. I should just break down and get it, yeah?

  2. It's pretty awesome. I've always been a proponent of winging it and avoiding expensive equipment at almost any cost, but this gadget's convenience is winning me over.

  3. For the cost and for someone that is serious about their bike the park tools stands are a great deal since it's portable and eliminates bending over.

  4. Tim, my back has certainly appreciated it thus far! Really solid piece of equipment.