Bike Profile Number one

Maybe I've been feeling nostalgic or something, but I've decided to post profiles of the bicycles I've owned.  I figure it will be fun for me to look back and see what has been moving me around over the years!

My first bicycle as an adult:
 (Sam and Barty)
Make and model: Schwinn Varsity
Year: 1973
Color: Green
Handlebars: Drop bars
Gears: 10 speed
Purchased: 2008
Where: Community Cycling Center, Portland OR
I paid: 65 dollars
Original Condition: All parts working, but in need of an overhaul
Major modifications: converted to a single speed when I realized Sam never shifted gears while riding it. :-)
Status: Stolen August 2010
(undergoing a total cleaning and overhaul)

This is the bicycle that inspired green bike love.  It was my first bicycle I owned in college and the first bicycle that replaced my car as my sole means of transportation.  After acquiring my second bike, this one was given to Sam and she named it Barty.  We were both pretty devastated when he was stolen.

I love these old schwinns.

Thanks all!
I'm sorry about the scanty posts, I'm getting married soon, so things have been crazy.

Ride safe,


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  1. Spencer,

    This is an awesome idea. Keep it coming!