Bike Profile Number Two

It turns out the first 2 bikes I've owned were both early 1970's Schwinn Varsities.  That model holds a special place in my heart.

 Bike Number Two:
Make and model: Schwinn Varsity
Year: early 1970's
Color: Blue
Handlebars: Drop bars
Gears: 10 speed
Purchased: 2009
Where: The back room of Rowley Press, Provo Utah
I paid: 1 metrolius hangboard
Original Condition: In need of love, but in good shape
Major modifications: converted to a fixed gear soon after I traded for it.  I removed the friction light generator and added a rack as well.
Status: Stolen August 2010
 This was my all purpose bike that got me to work at the bookstore and to class and also survived the move to Portland to keep me mobile throughout last summer.  This is probably the bike I loved riding the most and the one I put the most time into making it my own.  After the Rainbow Road Bike Ride the prayer flags I adorned it with stayed until it's final days with me.

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