Vushidu and the Train

Hello loyal followers!
Here's a few more sketches from this week. The first two I did tonight outside Takatsuki Station while loving the great reggae from the band Vushidu. Local guys who play great beach/reggae. Way chill and friendly, I wish I were staying in Osaka longer just so I could see more of them. I showed up late and only caught a few songs, but check out their music here.Hige-G, Vocals and Guitar, and what I scribbled below was his English intro to a song:
'Today is hot day because.... summer. I love America because... summer'
It was kind of a personal shout out i think. Having introduced myself as an English teacher before the set. :-)
Aochi. Guitar
Not a member of Vushidu, but I imagine very cool in his own way, here is the conductor of the train going down into Osaka on Sunday. A longish ride with few passengers (to draw) to I went for the whole inside of the train. It's fun to sit near the front cause unlike on American trains I've been on, you can see out the front window, and if you stand it's like you're flying! (yes it's amazing)
Bought a bike light this week. (finally)
ride safe friends!


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