Osaka Sketch and Sakuradamon Gate

And for something completely different...

Some sketches from the past 2 weeks.
One of the schools I taught at in Shimamoto, Osaka
I spent a few hours in tokyo before moving into my apartment in Chiba and was lucky to find some cool buildings to sketch.This is the Sakuradamon gate (cherryblossomfieldgate, loosely)

Have a great week!


  1. wow, Spencer, these are some incredible sketches; I really liked the Cherryblossomfieldgate. It's the most random thought, but I would love to collaborate with you on a comic book one day.

  2. Those are fantastic Spencer!

  3. Thanks! And I'd love to draw a comic with you chase! My friend Anthony and I started a comic publishing company called comiccoma, and we do an anthology of short stories every few months, as well as full length comics. If you ever want to give it a shot, I'm down. www.comiccoma.com

  4. Lovely sketches. I draw Celtic designwork, but I've never really felt capable of that sort of drawing. How long do you plan to be in Japan?

  5. Oh cool! I've not seen your architectural sketches before. These are really good!

  6. workbike friend: I'd love to see your work, Celtic design is way cool. I'll only be in Japan until Christmas. It's a rather short stay, but I came mostly to get some experience using my classroom japanese and will probably come back sometime in the future. (post college graduation) You've lived here before it seems?