Bike Parking Let Down

(this is not by my station, but rather in Osaka proper. Thought I'd share the photo anyhow)

So I rode my new bike to the station this morning, excited to use it to make my commute a little bit faster. I got to the station and there weren't bikes parked everywhere like I see in the evening, and the few there were tagged (a police warning/abandon marker) which made me nervous. I biked down the line and found a bike lock station. Lots of bike racks with built in locks and a computer to charge you to park. I threw my bike on and caught my train. When I returned my bike was there, but I was charged 600 yen for the day! I was really disappointed and frustrated by the lack of cheap/free parking. I suppose one of the drawbacks of a country that treats the their bikes a bit like we treat cars (most everyone has one, drives it daily to work and doesn't lock it to anything :-) is that free parking isn't always available. This may have just been a case of me being rushed and not looking hard enough, but I will not be paying 600 yen a day for parking (car or bike)
just a bit of venting,


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