let me introduce you to my mobile pen

The Bike N Sketch ride was great last Friday. I went climbing at the Circuit beforehand, so I missed most of the part where the participants admired the great drawing exhibits up at the Portland Art Museum, but I did catch up with everyone outside. They weren't hard to find. Masses of bikes and clumps of people all hunched over sketch pads in the park. I tacitly joined them and when someone stood up and begin getting ready to ride, I assumed he was in charge (turns out he was, and also turns out his name is Ed) and followed suit. Even though large masses of people on bikes isn't uncommon in Portland, as some 20-30 cyclist/artists we did draw some attention and get a few questions. We biked from park to park drawing and talking with each other and locals. I brought along a full bag of Trader Joe's Peanut butter Filled Pretzel Bites (I have become something of an addict since moving here) and the evening was beautiful. This sketch was at a park in the Pearl District I cannot remember the name of. A neat child friendly fountain and waterfall. Ed, the organizer collected e-mails. The ride is apparently monthly and I definitely will do it again.

I hope you all carry paper and something to doodle with in all your bike travels.
I'll post any other bike sketches worth looking at.

remember to bike!

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