Four kids? No problem!

I just saw this on NY Times, and thought it worth posting. And for those of you interested, or familiar with the critical mass story, George Bliss, the creator of these bikes is also the man who coined the phrase 'critical mass' in the documentary 'return of the scorcher'. (watch it! only 30 minutes long)
I've always disliked minivans. (why the word 'mini' shows up in such huge vehicles I'll never know) This dislike probably comes from my mother who, looking at her growing family that could no longer fit in our ever smaller Jetta, swore to never own a minivan, and instead began looking for alternatives. Volvo Stationwagon to the rescue! In any case, I've grown up knowing there was an alternative, and this is one great example of how, with a little ingenuity, a family can live car-free.
Thanks everyone!
Remember to bike!


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