geese, a cargo bag and a ring

A few updates from the past week:

Every morning I bike south along the willamette river on the beautiful Waterfront Park to get to work. Just after I pass under the Hawthorne Bridge there is a large open grassy slope running down to the water, which recently has been full of geese! I snapped a quick photo for you all.Yesterday was my birthday, and in true birthday fashion, Sam and I planned a bike picnic. I dropped by Trader Joe's, with only my messenger bag (Timbuk2's Extra Large is HUGE, btw) and found that I could fit the following with room to spare: (the load was mildly uncomfortable only due to it's weight)

bike pump
crescent wrench
drawing pens/pencil
Pedaling Revolution by Jeff Mapes (which i highly recommend)
Digital Camera
wallet/spare change
wool hat and gloves
bike lock cable

4 pack of Reed's Extra Ginger Brew
4 pack of Virgil's ever-famous root beer
1/2 Gallon Orange Juice
1 Loaf Rosemary Bread
1 Wedge Three Creme Brie
1 piece Halvarti Cheese
1 Apple
1 bag Incredibly delicious Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
1 tin chocolate Biscotti
3 Cliff Bars
1 bottle Trader Joe's Shampoo
1 ring to propose to Sam with.

The picnic, overlooking the bluff with a view of Portland's skyline, was needless to say, wonderful.

I highly encourage you all to bike, eat good food and enjoy the beautiful parks and evening sun.


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