Hawthorne Bridge and the Citybikes Worker's Bucket

This week saw yet another trip to Citybike Workers Cooperative, that ever reliable used bike part haven on SE Ankeny. It was an exceptionally hot day and by the end of the ride I was wishing I wasn't wearing a collared shirt and dress shoes (I came from work) I decided to cross the famous Hawethorne Bridge(cool video here) instead of the Steel Bridge which I normally take on the way to St. Johns.

The shop was buzzing with people looking for advice and help with bike repairs, including two very friendly travelers camped outside on the sidewalk, fixing a broken spoke amongst 2 huge piles of gear they apparently had been hauling for some time. (Turns out they started in Northern Washington and were on the first leg of their trip to Cuba! I had to turn down their unexpectedly tempting offer to join them :-)
The purpose of dropping by citybikes was to buy tape for my bars, a Schwinn brake lever for Sam's new handlebar set up and to check out Citybikes famous bucket pannier. I'd seen many around town; a 4 gallon square bucket outfitted with straps and hooks for attaching to a rear bike rack. Waterproof, recycled plastic, and with lots of open space for bumper stickers (a constant issue for pro-bike bumper stickers! Where do you put them without being either ironic or a hypocrite?) I thought it was a good buy at 28$. Compare that to any other pannier out there price wise and it will pretty much beat all of them. (excepting maybe the home-made ones I have yet to experiment with)
Here are a few pics to convince you.

Sam and her friends are watching Gene Kelly work his magic and I'm off to draw comic books.
Till next time,


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