How to Talk to Conservatives about Cycling

Hello everyone!
Read this wonderful post by Tom Bowden on how to talk to Conservatives (or anyone actually!) about cycling.
Great points and a great perspective.
Let me know if you've had successful conversations about bikes, or really awkward ones.
I know I have.
I have always been a bit confused as to why or when cycling became a "liberal" thing to do.  As Tom points out, it's about as All American as you can get and for all you car-haters out there (grin) Ford and many other great American automobile inventors all had their beginnings as cyclists.  The Cyclists Manifesto by Robert Hurst delves into that quite a bit and I found it fascinating. (and well written!)

Edison's bike tricks are wicked rad as well. :-)

Rode my bike tonight and loved the beautiful oregon air, and relatively balmy temperature (nearly 60!)

Ride safe my friends,



  1. Spencer,
    Great article--thanks for the link. The weather down here has been in the mid to upper 70s for a week; I'm riding in short sleeves again!
    I, too, have had many an awkward conversation about bicycle commuting. Usually I get the feeling that people are averse to anything that requires effort (especially physical exertion). Cars are easy; bikes you have to pedal.

  2. I'm jealous. Portland right now is an improvement from Maine, but very rainy and my stack of T-shirts sits lonely in my closet...
    I feel the same way about effort, but I believe that it has more to do with the appearance of effort than true effort. For example, paying car loans, insurance and repairs every month takes way more work time and effort than riding your bike daily and borrowing or renting a car when really necessary.
    Maybe pedal assist hybrid cars (gas, electric, human) are the ultimate solution!