Bikes Lanes in Provo Utah

Just a quick note to all those who live in Provo Utah!  Or who used to live there! Or will soon or someday live there!
Thanks to the hard work of my friend Zac Whitmore and many other dedicated cyclists and the Provo Bicycle Committee, you have the opportunity to tell the city of Provo where you want them to install bike lanes! (CLICK HERE!)
This is a dream come true for any cyclist, and we are all so excited to be seeing an increase in bike focused infrastructure.  Even better is the city's view of 'complete streets' and the wonderfully benefits that will come to pedestrians, cyclists and the community in general.
Please take a second to check the streets where you feel bike lanes would increase safety and improve your commute or leisurely Sunday afternoon rides.
This really is a great opportunity.

All the best, and thanks to everyone involved with this.  I regret that my escapades elsewhere have taken me away from such great work at home, but not to fear!  I will return!

A question for the masses:
Is this a common thing as cities paint bike lanes?  Do any of you know of citizens 'voting' for lanes in this way? Or are these kinds of decisions always made by committees?

Ride safe, and stay dry if you're riding in the northwest like I am. :-)


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