Back to the United States

I'm back in Maine and wanted to let you all know I made it safe and my bike did as well.  I will post more on that later with some photos.  It was quite a feat getting it all in and under the size restrictions, but I managed and 0$ in extra fees and over 24 hours later I was back home.  I did get a few suspicious looks (the box was very odd shaped) but I wasn't questioned further after telling them in was aluminum tubing.  Even customs got me through quickly and easily.
I did have to dissemble one wheel and just take the rim with me.  The extra width of the hub would have put me over size.
Merry Christmas all and Happy Newyear.
Ride safe



  1. That's some handy wrenching to save a buck--my hat is off to you, sir.

  2. Hello my dear, I'm happy for you, Christmas is over, but I want a 2011 full of happiness and success, a hug is my first pstagem on your blog, I hope I have more opportunity, a big hug.

  3. Spencer, glad to hear you are back. Can not wait to get Polo rolling in Provo :).

  4. Thanks everyone! Happy to be back as well. Just arrived in Portland tonight and my bike is close to leaving it's cardboard home of 3 weeks!