Legs, Ginger Chai and Becoming a Beautiful Woman

I've been 'train sketching' like mad recently in my new smaller paperback sketchbook, and recently I've been tackling legs. (not really, I actually just draw them) This may sound slightly perverted, but Japan is a GREAT place to draw legs.
I've also been trying to peg boots recently and I've done quite a few combination 'boot-leg' drawings.
It's hard to draw while standing up in the train...
So highschool girls, if they're really popular of course, wear their skirts really high, which I don't endorse... and some dudes
Sweet sneakers, socks and jacket all in one!
A girl surrounded by legs
This guy had some SWEET legs and thin pants.
If she had woken up it would have been awkward
A cool girl
A Guy and his PSP and a Guy and some boots. Not his boots tho.
So, I endulged in a piping hot vending machine beverage this morning (It was cold on the 5:32am train :-( which I gathered to be a ginger tea chai. It was delicious, and feeling envigorated afterword, I decided to read as much of the label as possible with help from my trusty dictionary. I learned the words for 'ginger' 生姜 , 'to shake' 振る, 'burn' 火傷 and 'let's become cozy beautiful women!' ポカポカ美人になろう!

Apparently I chose a gender specific beverage.

Have a happy week!

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