Japan by Train

Here's a collection of sketches all done in the many many hours I've spent on trains in Japan. Each was done in about 15 minutes or less. The Japanese keep pretty much to themselves while commuting. They read, text, play games, etc, which makes it really easy to draw them, as nobody looks at anyone else!
More will be forthcoming as well,

Hope you enjoy!



  1. A little peek into the train culture. I love it. My roommate Jordan Lysenko and I talk about you all the time. Come back to the US!!


  2. haha! Yeah, I chatted with Jordan the other day. Art/bike buddies man. I'll be back soon. Winter semester getting married in Portland, then to Provo in may. :-)

  3. lovely. thanks for posting.

  4. Sounds like things are well! You asked about a drawing app for the iPod touch--the one I use (for its freeness) is called Sketchbook Mobile Express by Autodesk. It's clunky (to me, anyway) because there's no pressure sensitivity, but it's a cool way to fingerpaint when riding the train!

  5. Anthony, I'll check it out. I just searched 'doodle' and found a free one that is also not pressure sensitive, and I feel the same about it. I usually just lug around an old fashioned sketchbook and pencil, although the newfangled technology thing is kind of novel and fun too! It's nice to see your posts recently. And I've deduced you are in California, correct me if I'm wrong. :-) What part?