2010 Bicycle Film Festival Tokyo

As I started scheduling out the next few weeks of my life I realized I'd completely missed a bike show I really wanted to go to last weekend! I was feeling pretty down, but then remembered that the end of this month the 10th Anniversary of the Bicycle Film Festival will be in Tokyo! (facebook page here)
I looked up some info and watched the trailers, most of which look really interesting. Riding the Lone White Cloud (about skaters on a bike tour across New Zealand) and Bicycle Dreams (documentary of the insane bike race across America) both look really interesting, and the others I think will be entertaining as well. (click to watch trailers, or see them all HERE!)
Bicycle Films are a pretty small chunk of the film world, so I'm really interested to see what is there, and how filmmakers decide that cycling is the subject matter they want to work with. I'm also interested in film as a way to make cycling more accessible to everyone.

I will of course post again after the event, but I was too excited to wait until October 29-31st.

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