Blue Lug Bike Pants

I indulged in my first pair of bike pants this weekend. I spotted this pair on Blue Lug's website and decided to drop by on Saturday. The shop was great! There was such a huge selection of bike clothing/accessories from so many brands, local or otherwise, that it was almost overwhelming. I deliberated for a long time, examining everything that caught my eye and viciously comparing prices (as I am wont to do) I asked an employee if they shipped internationally. Negative. This kind of sealed the deal for me and I went for the pants. The Capri length was also tempting, but I figure this way I can roll up the legs and still have the option of going 'undercover'. I also threw in a headlight (I've been riding only rear-lit) some rad socks (rasta toe socks!) and a very cool blue lug bandanna with a gear ratio chart printed on it. :-) At the counter I was told that the bandanna was a gift! Very friendly of them.Tonight I donned my nifty new pants (very very comfortable) slipped on my socks, strapped on my new light and hopped on my bike. The night was perfect, cool and still damp from yesterday's rain. I rode down to the water by the Stadium in Chiba, riding mostly on the road and then on paths to the water. I left my phone, bag, and camera at home and rode light. My lock fit snugly and comfortably (a first!) in my back pocket, and the re-enforced seat/stretchy material was comfortable and smooth feeling.

I'm really happy with these pants and recommend them for anyone who has ever experienced jeans.

Hopefully Blue Lug will ship to America so in the future I can still buy their rad gear.
This whole experience of actually buying bike clothing is very unlike me, but I've never felt more like a new person than when I'm wearing a new pair of pants!
Have fun riding, and now I can tell you to ride with both lights at night!

Enjoy riding! Buy local!


ps: for more great photos of the shop check out their blog here! blogged.bluelug.com

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