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The second bike shop I'd like to mention this week is the 'Citybikes Workers Cooperative'. This is a dream bikeshop for all tinkerers, mechanics, and people tired of walking into bike shops where the price tags make you wonder if biking actually IS cheaper than owning a car. Unique in it's operation and service, Citybikes sells a huge range of used parts, and not just your typical handlebars, wheels and tires, but all the way down to lock washers, coaster brake hubs, assorted schwinn derailler parts, and used shoes as well. The work-shop atmosphere coupled with the vast array of parts and people fixing bikes makes Citybikes the most active funtional bikeshop I've seen so far. Short on time, I wasn't able to talk to the workers who were busy helping customers, but I did do some price comparing and found there new products competetively priced, and their used parts a steal. I highly recommend dropping by, and next time I'm in, provided they are not swamped like they were yesterday, I'll be sure to talk to an employee about the shop's history and policies as a workers cooperative.

Here's a blog with some photos:

as well as Citybike's webpage:

more shop reviews to come!


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