Bike Provo and other gems

You may think it ironic that a resident of Portland would visit www.bikeprovo.org and be jealous, but that is exactly what happens. My most recent visit to the site sent me on an hour and a half surf of amazing bike sites, photos, blogs and articles. Provo is making great steps in the right direction and I'm thrilled to see the progress being made. It's also great to recognize names in the comments and photographs.
I was amazed by the article Zac wrote last week about the bike ban in Blackhawk Colorado. You can read more about it at the Blackhawk town website. I took a minute to write an e-mail to them with a few thoughts on cooperation with cyclists. You should send an e-mail with your thoughts as well. CityManager@CityofBlackHawk.org
Biking is much safer than driving. Some numbers here: www.ecovelo.info/2009/05/04/contrary-to-popular-belief/
Here's another awesome site which allows you to search business and locations within a 2 mile radius of your home. It's quite revealing how much is close by. So many of our necessities are so close to us today, its a blessing we shouldn't foul up by driving instead of biking or walking. Check it out: http: 2mile challenge

let me know your favorite bike sites,
happy riding!


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