2010 Bicycle Music Festival

Today I spent my spare time rummaging through dozens of bike blogs and stumbled upon this event. (An add on Xtracycle's front page was unavoidable) It's the Bicycle Music Festival held in San Fransisco every year (and like critical mass, is being enviously copied in cities around the world) and it looks like tons of fun. A full day of music, all bike powered, portable stage carried on bikes, bike rides and music tours critical mass style. I was particularly interested in the event because just over a year ago I was blown away by a performance of Shake Your Peace, an all bike touring band that carries guitars and a cello xtracycles and uses amplifiers powered by volunteers from the crowd willing to bike on the outdoor stage. The music and messages following were great and I was instantly interested in any other such events. Come to find out, Shake Your Peace has participated in BMF in the past and although I couldn't find a lineup of bands for this year, I wouldn't be surprised to hear Gabe's harmonica blaring and well used boots stomping in SF this year.
oh, and it's free. :-)

I was so taken by the photos and concept of the event that when I finished describing it all to Sam, she hopped online and we are now seriously considering flying down and finding bikes to participate in this all day event. Everyone should seriously check it out and I hope to see you there!
happy riding in the meantime,



  1. Yeh that's cool but it would be cooler if you were to cycle down there. ;)

    You should Check out the Pleasant Revolution they've been touring the world like this and have some really cool pictures.


  2. nice! Pleasant revolution looks great, in fact I saw cello jo mentioned and if I'm not mistaken he'll be at SF Bicycle Music Festival as well! and yes, I ought to bike down, but having already taken a week off of work this summer, and living over 600 miles away makes this rather unlikely. :-) Thanks for the link friend! und sprichts du Deutsch?