and then we went to chicago

To be honest, Sam and I had pretty low expectations of Chicago.  Neither of us had been to Chicago before, so we admit it was a bit unfair.  Despite this, Chicago turned out to be one of our favorite cities because we stayed with some fantastic people who lent us their bikes, we got to play with their ridiculously friendly kitten, and we got to hang out with friends who tipped us off to the best things to see and do.

Here's the quick version:

hanging out with our hosts who love comics
eating pizza (ala voodoo donuts if you're familiar with that.  chicken and waffles pizza is yummy!)
free zoo! (it really was very nice and unbelievably free.  so cool.)
movie in the park (barefoot in the park)
farmers market
art institute museum (big and amazing.  roy lichtenstein exhibit passing through)
eating raw corn on the cob with justin (i will never eat cooked corn again if given the choice.  uncooked was so juicy and flavorful! try it!)
swimming in the lake
eating at native foods (tasty tasty with locations in CA etc. all vegan i believe)
slices of chicago deep dish pizza (the one we had was OK, not great, but HUGE! more than we could hope to eat in one sitting)
Quimby's comic shop! (so rad,  also Chicago Comics)
frozen yogurt (now a destructive habit for us)

The art institute and our great hosts made Chicago very memorable and we'd love to go back and hang out again sometime!

After Chicago we dropped by Omaha very quickly and then to Denver.  Probably a post on that soon.

Spencer and Sam

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  1. Nice mad dog water bottle. But more importantly Chicago is on my list of cities to see. I follow a couple on of bike bloggers from there and now I'm even more convinced to go!