Portland... Maine, Boston Mass.

The adventure continues!
On Tuesday Sam and I wandered the streets of Portland, had lunch with a friend and then hopped on a bus down to good old Boston.  Spending the day in Portland made me realize what a fantastic downtown it has, and I began dreaming of renting an apartment there for a summer.
We really liked the Portland Velocipede, a great bike shop which carries box bikes, and a great assortment of commuters and city bikes from Linus, Biria (which I'm not familiar with) and even Pashley.

We also love Casablanca comics, where we purchased some fantastic french books for cheap.  (The art in NoĆ© is amazing.)

Boston has been great as well.  I hadn't seen the Boston Pops' firework show since I was maybe 8 years old, and it was great.  A thunderstorm prompted the police to issue a temporary evacuation notice and the fireworks were delayed.  When the show finally started and we had returned to our spot, the rain hit hard, but exhausted and fed up with walking, we all just sat on our blankets getting soaked and enjoyed an amazing fireworks show.

Happy Independence Day

we miss riding our bikes, but look forward to NYC bikeshare this weekend!


ps: Boston has a bike share now!

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