Frog and Link

A few weeks ago while my wife played Chrono Trigger I did this little doodle of my favorite character.  He's the best.

Also, we took the train to california last weekend, which meant 17 hours of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and a package of mint Newman's O's.  This is Link after borrowing his father's sword and shield, breaking into the castle via a secret sewer passage.
So many glorious years of saving the princess.

We also grabbed Sam's old wii while in california, which means I will most likely give in and buy Skyward Sword in the next few months.

happy riding,



  1. DO IT. Skyward Sword. I played Minish Cap on almost all my plane flights between the US and Europe. It ruled.


  2. Hey you can borrow my copy of skyward sword if you want. Its pretty expensive between a copy of the game and a wii motion plus controller. I haven't played it in months. Let me know when you want me to drop it by

  3. Woohoo! Thanks Andrew! We'll take you up on that soon.