Bike Profile Number Four

Bike Number 4
Make and model: Osso 7007ex
Color: Lime Green
Handlebars: Strait
Gears: 7 speed
Purchased: 2010
Where: Top One, Osaka Japan
I paid: 39000yen
Original Condition: Brand New
Major modifications: When coming back from Japan I pulled off fitting my bike into a beneath regulation size box and checked it without paying sports equipment fees or oversize baggage fees.  This meant that I stripped everything down and had to ditch the rear wheel. (although I salvaged the rim, and in hindsight could have probably gotten the whole thing across)  In any case, it now sports an old salvaged steel rimmed 5 speed rear wheel.  Other than that it's in pretty much new condition, although in Japan I played a lot of Polo with it so the aluminum frame has taken some hard hits.  Sam rides this bike now and keeps reminding me to find an old rack for it or at least some fenders to keep the water off.  I also was determined to make it a fixed gear recently, but the rear brackets are drop outs and the conversions necessary were not really in my price range at the moment.
Status: Happy and healthy!


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  2. Thanks! I picked up some frames last week so there's more on the way!