My Schwinn, Twice

Thanks to the Smith's for letting me sketch my bike in their living room.

I'm slowly becoming more and more accustomed to drawing bikes.  Getting the angles and proportions correct is key.  Otherwise you end up with one of the following:
a) clown bike
b) bike made of rubber
c) bike in a black hole

 happy riding this week


ps: for those in Portland, don't miss this TOMORROW! (WED): Know Your Rights: Free Legal Bike Clinic at the BTA


  1. Certainly, your bike drawings are well done. And I have seen the picture of the weird bike, which had been introduced personally to me by a friend before. Anyway, please draw a mama bicycle. I want to upload your work on my blog.^^
    Have a nice day.


  2. PS. You are in Portland, right?. Do you know Daniel Evans who seems to live in Oregon. I sometimes drop by his blog,http://cog-itate.com/author/saveyourliferideabike/

  3. Shuichi, I don't know Daniel, but his blog looks very cool. I have never seen a mamachari here in Portland, but if I do I will draw it and post it on my blog! I will let you know if I do a drawing like that. :-)

  4. How wonderful! Thank u^^. I am looking forward to your drawing mama bicycle.