Slow Riders in Portland. Maine, that is

This video caught my eye recently and I really like it.
Portland Maine Slow Riders
(and their facebook group)
I'm really excited when I see riders in Maine because the cold weather much of the year and shoulder-less roads can be very discouraging, but it's a place where people really would ride I think. Unfortunately I didn't really start riding as an adult until after leaving the wonderful state. (as a side note, when I took to biking for transportation in collage it was natural and logical for me due mostly to my wonderful upbringing on Peaks Island where my family had no car and biked everywhere, and the summer trips to Acadia National Park, with upwards of 4 bikes and a trail-a-bike somehow on top of our Volvo.)

The wonderful atmosphere in the video made me think of Critical Mass. I kind of feel that this is what Critical Mass ought to be like. More creative, more communal and with less baggage. I think CM has played a very important role around the world. It was the first event I ever participated in where I felt like I wasn't alone as a cyclist in Provo Utah and has impacted me personally in a very positive way, but CM also has a lot of history. Often negative history, that makes it hard to ride in, I think. I'd like to see more rides like this, similar to critical mass, but without the name and history. There is one here in Tokyo, or so I hear.

Ride safely! (and in great numbers)


ps: rad posters as well!!!

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