Rainbow Road Success

If the amount of fun we had is any indication, last saturday's ride was a big success. We had maybe 10 riders, and 3 more joined a few miles in. We took some industrial back roads that let us cruise easily with few cars and lights. We made the entire ride down in maybe an hour and a half. Thanks to Leland for letting us gather at his place and fill our tires before the ride (check out his blog) The festival was a blast. We passed literally miles of cars waiting in traffic. It was thrilling. Coming home we were all covered in colored dust and the wind did only a little for us. We rode up tired and starving to Rowley Press, only to see an enormous banner outside the neighboring church: 'All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner'!!! we, needless to say, ate all we could.
Before the ride, my sister Jessie and I made granola bars which we all shared and as per request, here is the recipe so you all can make them for yourselves! Really cheap, and honestly better than anything on the market, I have lived for weeks off of them. And remember:

'be reckless in love and cooking' -the dalai lama

Unbaked Bars
1c rolled oats
1/2c wheat germ
1/2c oat bran
1/2c vanilla protein powder
1c crunchy peanut butter
1c raisins or dried fruit
1c chocolate chips
1 c light karo syrup (i always use honey)

mix all, pat into a pan, freeze and cut

I varied this with much more oats, much more peanut butter and honey, walnuts, and cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips. The best way I've found to do experimenting with recipes like this is to put all the dry things you want in your bars in a bowl and mix, then add wet ingredients until its spreadable.

good luck!

more later


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